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Our Story



         Gane Financial has been successfully building longstanding relationships with individuals, families and businesses across Canada for 26 years!

Throughout the years, we have conducted countless financial overviews with our clients and the one thing they all have in common is that they want their wealth to grow but don’t know how without increasing risk or decreasing their lifestyle.


While increasing risk or decreasing lifestyle are valid methods of increasing wealth, we believe that we can help you grow your personal wealth and achieve your financial goals by focusing first on helping you find money that is currently being lost unknowingly and unnecessarily such as:


How we pay for our MORTGAGE

How we fund our RETIREMENT

How we fund our TAXES

How we pay for life insurance

How we fund a post secondary EDUCATION

How we pay for major CAPITAL expenditures such as a vehicle, travel, renovations etc.

It makes little sense to have made a million dollars only to discover
you have also lost a million along the way!


Large Capital Purchases such as a car, house, small business overhead expenses and the interest on payments add up and are gone forever…or are they? And what about the lost opportunity cost on all of those purchases and payments?

Did you know there are strategies and vehicles available that allow you to structure your finances to recover the capital cost and interest of all of your purchases big and small?

We believe that we can have a big impact on your financial future by focusing first on helping you find money that is currently being lost unknowingly and unnecessarily.  Our goal is not to decrease your lifestyle.  We want you to increase your abundance throughout your lifetime. 


We believe we can provide you with the nucleus of financial well being.  There are many factors we take into consideration when developing a lifetime financial strategy for you.  In order for us to build a successful customized plan, we first get to know where you are and where you want to go. We do this through a process we have created called: `The Smooth Sailing Process™.'

Our holistic approach when planning your prosperity enables you to move forward with confidence to crystallize your goals and dreams.


Our philosophy includes helping you focus on your true values and your life`s motivations.  We use these values, motivations, goals and objectives to guide the planning process.


There is no point in buying a sailboat if you haven't been taught how to sail.

This concept is not for everyone. It is for those who want a better way…a more effective and efficient way to manage and grow their money.


Mutual commitment is an important component of our professional relationship and for your financial plan to be successful.




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